Mr. Wasilwa Juma

Deputy Principal Administration

The office deputy principal is bestowed with the noble responsibility of maintaining discipline among the trainees. Our success is based on sound discipline and the good conduct of trainees. In any institution discipline is paramount and crucial for good performance in examinations and co-curricular activities to be realized. In Bumbe TTI, we believe that character and success go hand in hand.

We have continuously done our best to provide our trainees with a conducive environment for learning. Each individual trainee conduct is essential and so we encourage self-discipline and intrinsic motivation by instilling morals through guidance, counseling and spiritual nourishment. The standards of discipline have continued to go high and we are confident that we are having students of integrity and great vision.

All stakeholders and the entire community have played a major role in helping us realize our goals as an institution. I wish to encourage them to continue supporting us as we bring up holistic men and women who can meet the expected standards and contribute positively towards nation building. 

As an institution, we strive for the best and each member of the Bumbe family plays his role effectively. Our core business is academics and we are all geared towards this common goal.

Our good results are a clear indicator that our efforts are not in vain. I appeal to all stakeholders to carry on with this noble task of building society through training since it is better to build people than to repair people.

Service Delivery Charter of the Deputy Principal Administration

Service / Good Rendered Requirement to Obtain Service/Good User Charges (Ksh.) Time Line
Enquiries for services provided Contact Principal’s Office Free  10 Min
Training  Minimum entry grade Tuition fees Depends on course duration
Discipline of students Reported discipline Free  Immediately
Attending to students’ issues Identified issues Free  Immediately
Attending to parents’ and other stakeholders’ issues Presented issues Free  Immediately
Guidance and Counselling for students and staff Identified counseling needs, Appointment. Free  30 Min