Mrs. SeraH LodenyI

Finance Officer

The Finance Department at BTTI is mandated with the following functions.

In carrying out the functions above, the finance department uses an automated system in delivery of quality and timely services to clients.

We advise advice trainees to take advantage of the available options to assist them pay fees to avoid disruption during their learning process. The options include HELB, GoK Capitation and negotiated fee payment methods.

We continually monitor and review the performance of the structures and systems at the department by implementing a quality management system based on ISO 9001: 2015 Standard and Institute Quality Objectives.

Service Delivery Charter of the Finance Office

Service / Good Rendered Requirement to Obtain Service/Good User Charges (Ksh.) Time Line
Payment for goods and services Delivery Note/Invoice Free  14 Days
Payment for salaries for staff ID/Employment No. Free  10 Min
Attending to parents’ and other stakeholders’ issues Presented issues Free  Immediately
Attending to students’ issues Identified issues Free  Immediately