Bumbe TTI

Mr. Patrick Nabatwa


We have introduced Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET) courses assessed by TVET CDACC to enable the attainment of Vision 2030 and the National Government’s Big 4 Agenda. We encourage students to enroll in CBET courses.

The Office of Registrar has four sections namely: Registry, Examination, Performance Contracting, and Research & Innovation Coordination. We are mandated to ensure integrity in the implementation of the Academic Policy, provision of access to information by stakeholders, integrity and safety of student-related data, preparing and distribution of training timetables, and handling examination-related functions.

In addition, we coordinate the negotiation, vetting, implementation, and evaluation of Performance Contracts, organize and coordinate innovations exhibited at TVET Fairs, promote and participate in research conferences, and marketing of the institution’s academic programs to guarantee high student enrolment.

Furthermore, we have successfully had two graduation ceremonies in 2016 and 2019. On behalf of the Academic Board, we wish all our alumni the best of luck and success in doing all that appertain their academic certificates.

The office has four dedicated non-teaching staff who have ensured quality, timely, and outstanding services are rendered to our clients. Automation of all services is ongoing; we have a vision of 2025 for automation of most of our services.

Bumbe TTI is an institute of peace and the number one choice for knowledge-hungry students. We are dedicated to ensuring we become a center of excellence in Research, Innovation, and Technical training. We are here at your service.

Other administrative members of the Office of Registrar are:

Service Delivery Charter of The Registrar

Service / Good Rendered Requirement to Obtain Service/Good User Charges (Ksh.) Time Line
Processing admission for new students Relevant previous exam results/ National ID and Passport photos 1,500 30 Min
Training  Minimum entry grade Tuition fees Depends on course duration
Issuance of certificates/ progress reports Completion of an examination, Payment of full fees Free  10 Min
Registration for external examinations Exam Fees/ID/Passport Photo/Relevant Certificates As per exams body 3 Days
Attending to students’ issues Identified issues Free  Immediately
Processing students’ institute IDs Passport Photos/Admission letter/ID fees 250  7 days
Responding to applications for training Filled application form Free  2 Days
Attending to parents’ and other stakeholders’ issues Presented issues Free  Immediately