Mr. Omwodo Oduor

HOD Exams & Assessments

About Us

The Examinations and Assessment Department at Bumbe Technical Training Institute is responsible for ensuring the integrity, fairness, and effectiveness of our academic assessment processes. We are committed to upholding high standards of excellence and providing students with a reliable and transparent system for evaluating their learning outcomes.


Our mission is to facilitate the smooth and efficient conduct of examinations and assessments, thereby enabling students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and competencies acquired during their academic journey at Bumbe Technical Training Institute.

Examinations office plays a critical role in the administration, management and conducting of examinations. Exams office staff support teaching colleagues and trainees.

The office has roles in;

  • Liaising with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, including trainees, Heads of Departments, trainers and examination council on examination related procedures.
  • Managing the examination entry process, including gathering information from training  staff to ensure that students’ examination entries are made correctly and on time, making amendments/withdrawals.
  • Managing the examination preparation process. This includes preparing examination timetables for students and staff; creating seating plans for each examination room; briefing candidates, staff; receiving, checking and securely storing confidential examination materials; administering internal assessment among others.
  • Managing examination days in accordance with awarding body regulations, including preparing for each exam day, starting an examination, dealing with emergencies, irregularities and malpractice.

We are accredited as KNEC, KASNEB, and NITA examination centres. The KNEC examination is offered in the March, July, and November series. We have continued to excel in examinations with the latest combined pass rate of 85%. We wish to welcome trainees in various courses in the institution as we forge to build a better society with the right skills.

Service Delivery Charter

Service / Good Rendered

Requirement to Obtain Service/Good

User Charges (Ksh.)

Time Line


Minimum entry grade

Tuition fees

Depends on course duration

Issuance of certificates/ progress reports

Completion of an examination, Payment of full fees


10 Min

Issuance for training materials for trainees



1 Day

Discipline of students

Reported discipline



Attending to students’ issues

Identified issues



Guidance and Counselling for students and staff

Identified counseling needs, Appointment.


30 Min