Office of The Commission of Administrative Justice (Ombudsman)

The office is mandated to enforce administrative justice in the institution by addressing maladministration through effective complaints handling and alternative dispute resolution; and by investigating abuse to power, manifest injustice and unlawful ,oppressive, unfair or un responsive official conduct.

Functions Of The Office Of Administrative Justice

  1. Investigate complaints of abuse of power, unfair treatment, manifest injustice or unlawful, oppressive, unfair official conduct with the institution.
    2. Report quarterly on the complaints investigated and the remedial action taken.
    3. Inquire into the allegations of maladministration, delay, administrative injustice, discourtesy, incompetency, misbehavior, in efficiency or ineptitude within the institution.
    4. Promote alternative dispute resolution methods in the methods in the resolution of complaints
    5. Provide advisory opinion or proposals on improvement of institutional administration.
    6. Promote public awareness of policies and administrative justice.

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