The Environment Department

We are responsible for the environmental sustainability at Bumbe Technical Training Institute.
We are committed to reducing negative environmental impacts by conducting our business in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations through but not limited to:

  1. Proper disposal of waste and sharp objects.
  2. Maintenance of proper clean sanitation and sufficient sanitary facilities.
  3. Afforestation programmes.
  4. Beautifying environment by maintenance of flowers gardens.
  5. Sensitizing the staff, students and community on importance of maintenance of environment.
  6. Continued provision of clean, treated and sufficient water.

The department with the support from administration and students’ environment club has realized a beautiful and conducive environment for training and learning in the Institute. A healthy environment leads to health minds and consequently, excellence in Research, Innovation and Technical Training.

In addition, environment department ensures the Institute has sufficient and properly treated water for utilization.